Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lots going on..

Kayla came to babysit (she brought Memommy along for some company)

Thanksgiving with cousins

Mammy with all of her great grandchildren. Creighton doesn't stay in one spot for very long. We were lucky to get one with all of them in it.

Fun at Marbles

Daddies and littles.

Bundled up for an arctic walk.

Playing in his cabinet full of plastics and...

some Christmas card outtakes

That about gets us up to speed. He is cruising everywhere, but I don't think he's going to walk on his own anytime soon. He would still much rather be carried. I think he's working on a tooth, but I've been saying that now for about 5 months so who knows. He likes to ride through the grocery store waving at every one that passes and occasionally scream at unsuspecting old ladies in a quiet aisle. And he is now saying Mama with meaning! Just counting down the days until his first Christmas..