Friday, August 13, 2010

Half Birthday

Sam turned 6 months old last Friday, I can hardly believe it has been that long. It seems like just yesterday there was snow on the ground and I was walking around in that sleep deprived new mom haze. Unable to bring myself to put my precious boy down for even a second. Now if I put him down for even a second and turn my head he's reaching for the outlets (don't worry, we have semi baby proofed the house). He is scooting everywhere now, and getting fast! He has almost mastered the sitting up thing; he can sit by himself, unassisted, for about 20 seconds before he starts to lean. Right now, he's trying to pull himself up into my lap and is doing a scary good job. He has started babbling "na-na-na-na" despite my constant efforts to get a "ma-ma" out of him. Occasionally, he'll give Christopher a "na-da". The most exciting milestone that has happened in the last month, though, is that he is sleeping through the night. Eleven to twelve hours a night. It is glorious! I really can't believe how fast the time goes by, before I know it he's going to be walking and talking.